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So anyhow.. I know I’m a cynic, and as such I’m supposed to think things like “integrity” and “treating customers fairly” are just empty phrases that we drop into our performance reviews, but to me they’re the price you pay for working for a bank. We hardly have a great reputation, but it’s fine, because […]

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It would appear that Robert Peston doesn’t think that any employee of any bank that received taxpayer assistance should receive any bonus. The rationalisation for this? If taxpayers hadn’t rescued those banks then those employees wouldn’t have jobs, let alone bonuses Yes.. and? That’s something of a non-sequitur, akin to telling a small child that […]

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I have five and a half hours of meetings booked today.. I mean that’s just ridiculous, it really is.. Not least of all because one is a pre-meeting for another, one is over two hours long when we have perhaps half an hour’s material to cover, etc.. I sense that today will be all about […]

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My current shareholdings total £500. And each month I buy 50 additional shares. A little while back, for the same monthly investment, I only managed to buy three shares per month, such was their value. And my current holding of £500 used to be worth £7,000. It’s a good job that I don’t really consider […]

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I hate volatile numbers. Bane of my bloody existence, they really are… Say I have a company, which generates £100 in revenue, and has expenses of £90. I make a tidy £10 profit, which is what everything is going to be measured on. Now let’s say my revenue dips by 5%, and my costs increase […]

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From an e-mail security point of view, I can’t help but feel that GoogleMail is a bit.. well.. dodgy.. See the thing is, when you mouseover a link, it tells you the site that the link refers to. You can right click and copy that link as you would any other – it is just […]

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I may have forgotten to mention, following my recent desk move, I am now fewer than sixty paces from the Starbucks on our floor. It’s a good job I’m not a coffee drinker, or I would be permanently wired… Tweet

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Most people were overjoyed, they took to their boatsI thought it less like a lake, and more like a moat One of the various things I spend my time doing is writing requirements for “solutions”. It’s funny how I always used to think of “solution” as being a stupid word for what’s basically “software”, but […]

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The truth, well it’s for students of philosophyAnd faith is for losers like us At our Business Review today, we had a guest speaker, and as far as I could make out, it seemed to be positioned in the “motivational speaker” class. Only, actually, it really was motivational, and inspirational, and all those other things […]

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